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Technology is from God Hi there internet surfer!

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you found some news that interests you.

These are just reposts of blogs about technology. You can see the sources of the news below each article. Feel free to view the real source of the news.

I am a teacher by profession. But I am extremely passionate about technology and how it is shaping our current landscape. I am a part-time blogger and technician.

I specialize in the following fields or subfields:

1. Multi-boot or Dual-boot Computers [Linux and Windows XP]
  • OS Harmony - boot XP and Linux in one computer
  • Tri-boot: 3-in-1, Win 7, XP and Linux
  • Boot loader issues [Grub bootloader]
2. Windows XP
  • customization [wallpapers, configurations, trimming down, etc.]
  • trimmed down versions [remove all unnecessary XP features - makes it faster]
  • bare-bones versions [skeleton of XP - makes it lightning fast]
  • speed up boot time and responsiveness
3. Windows 7
  • Win7 Tiny [run Windows 7 in 192MB RAM]
4. Old computers
  • I am a person who believes in reuse, reduce, recycle. I love to tinker with old computers. I am using a 2000 Pentium 3 computer running at 866Mhz and has 256 MB RAM. And it dual boots eLive Linux and Windows XP (trimmed-down). If you have some old computers, you may send them to me. [half-joking] Anyone using an older computer than mine to surf the internet? Tell me.
5. Good deeds makes a good man.
  • I am an advocate of education for all, especially in I.C.T. I am using the internet to bridge the gap between those who have the high-end technology and those who does not reach it. If I had old computers, I would fix it up, give it to schools and let the children learn with it. But problem is...I don't have old computers.
Let's make this world a cooperative, collaborative and clean Earth!

Keep in mind: TECHNOLOGY is from God!

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