Wednesday, September 21, 2011

AVG has Launched a Faster and Boosted Anti-Virus

Last week saw the release of the latest version of the world’s most downloaded free software. AVG Anti-Virus Free 2012 v12.0.1796 is available as an upgrade for those lucky enough to have a previous version installed and also as a standalone installation for those who don’t.

AVG has been around for 10 years and is already used by more than 98 million computer users worldwide. The team at AVG likes to work on the same premise as neighborhood watch, when one of its 98 million users sees something it raises the alarm. In other words it is only through 10 years of AVG that AVG Anti-Virus Free 2012 is able to offer such an outstanding free security solution. As JR Smith, CEO of AVG, put it “AVG is more than just an antivirus company. We’re a secure, community-driven digital ecosystem dedicated to helping consumers protect themselves and the things they care about the most”.

With the latest version of its free anti-virus solution AVG focused on three key areas; faster scans, easier of use and better performance. For example according to AVG it has reduced both download size (a mere 65mb) and install time by 50%, reduced average disk space by 45%, 20% less processes and memory usage, and loading time has increased by 10%.

AVG have apparently added around 127 new features to the latest version. Most of these improvements are far from obvious to the eye. However, there are number of features that are worth noting. The interface has been made clearer and easier to navigate, although visually it remains awfully similar to the previous version. Security upgrades include the LinkScanner, which protects users from the majority of fishing attacks. The feature has been improved to accommodate more dynamic code. It will detect and remove fake anti-virus programs and a whole host of other computer infection that put your computer at risk without users actually knowing. It removes even the most resistant malware. Further improved control over scans and system options has been provided in the latest 2012 version. The one-click social network scan for Facebook and Twitter is also a particularly handy tool. The new AVG advisor feature will let users know what exactly is affecting their computer’s performance. In other words AVG 2012 Free also functions as a PC Tune-up/optimizer tool. The AVG Accelerator is another awesome feature that optimizes connectivity to online content such as music, photos and videos. It minimizes that annoying wait for content to load. Also worth a mention is the AVG Family Safety feature which is ideal for those with kids, making sure they don’t see something they shouldn’t.

If you have liked previous versions of AVG, then you will love AVG Free 2012. AVG prides itself on being one step ahead. AVG offers powerful protection and is currently the leading free security software solution.