Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1 Trillion Pageviews Daily: Guess Who's Site?

Social networking giant Facebook garnered more than 1 trillion pageviews per month in June and July according to latest data gathered by DoubleClick a subsidiary of Google. There’s no doubt that’s Mark Zuckerberg was in gazillion happiness knowing his website was the most visited on the internet.

In June and July, Facebook registered approximately 870 million and 860 million unique visitors, respectively which is interestingly 120 million more than its registered users. The average per visitors were approximately 1,160 pageviews in July alone and that’s remarkably stunning. Facebook also shares that the site were that sticky as each users averages around 25 minutes reading statuses, viewings photo galleries and casually playing games.

So from this, we know that you hear that Facebook activity is declining –maybe not for now but everything will come to its end, like Steve Jobs stepping down as Apple CEO.

Source: http://www.techgeeze.com/2011/08/facebook-hits-1-trillion-pageviews-per-month.html